We jumped right into a Lent season, after all carnivals and masquerades. What does The Fasting mean for you?

Cut off on some goodies, not drinking alcohol, not eating meat, avoiding some of the pleasures you are used to. Perhaps, some of it, perhaps, none of it. What matters is how you spiritually deal with the season and changes which come along. That means a preparation for the Spring season, detox of your mind and body.

There are plenty of vegetables and seasonal products you can enjoy: all winter vegetables, brussels sprouts, lot’s of meat stew dishes and humble thick soups. The change is slowly taking over. Everything grows, more green products are present, seeds are planted, young meat is slaughtered and flowers appear to make us happy.

Therefore, find a time in your busy lives and enjoy at least some part of it.

Relax, smile and love!

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Kapustnica, New Years Cabbage Soup

Celebration Cake

Austrian Cardinal Slice


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