Late summer, expectations of the fall and winter are approaching. For some lucky people, the weather is not going to change. For the rest of us, well, we have to find the positives in every season.

I have to admit that with a baby the weather changes are much easier. Kids simply find some joy in everything what they do. Aren’t they? Thanks to that, mommy has finely a cute little partner to jump in the leaves, pick chestnuts or build snow men.

The Old Conclusions

Let’s take it easy and conclude our beautiful summer seasons. I am positive there had to be at least one simple beautiful thing in this last summer for all of us. Let’s focus on that. Two years ago, I had the most difficult summer of my life. I had no swimming, which I love so much and I had many crazy thoughts on top of it. Comparing to that, my summer was a blast. So much swimming and enjoying the sun, just like the old times.

Beautiful memories have been drawn into my big head. Singing of blackbirds, breathtaking views of Alps, shining and changing of colors in the water. So many shells of different shapes, hard working woodpeckers, crazy laugh of seagulls and the noise of the waves.The Sea. Me and the sea. No words to explain, just happiness and a smile.

Culinary wise, I already mentioned what summer season means to me. Even after a few months, I am definitely not done just yet. I made a few mistakes, which I learnt a lot from. I have got a full freezer of summer goodies waiting for my mom to taste. Nothing has been changed in this matter.

The colorful late summer brings us new beginnings, new culinary specials, new cooking techniques, new products, new everything.

The New Challenges

Let me be honest, I don’t like changes. However, sometimes they are a must in order to improve ourselves, to have a deserved peace and internal calmness.

Once again in my life, I became a student. Even though, in everyday life, I am learning constantly. To become a respectful partner, parent, daughter, friend and have some joy with all of it, of course.

At this very moment, it doesn’t matter how the summer went. I am sure there was a small positive moment for all of us, not mentioning some good food. What matters is, how we will process all the memories and what we will focus on.

Therefore, I decided to share my lovely hobby with everyone who feels the same. To start the fall properly, I am offering an E-Book of Easy and Fresh Top Ten Culinary Favourites. Moreover, besides my regular posts, I would like to treat my followers with free recipes every week.

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So let’s start enjoying The Fall, Our Fall. Shop, Eat and Love.

Kristina – Culinary Talks