Starting up a new holiday season 2016, I would like to present you my humble Thanksgiving Menu.

Thanksgiving has its origins in the United States. However, the celebration takes place in several parts of the world. Known as L’Action de grâce in French, Dankdag in Dutch, Erntedankfest in German, etc. There is also a different meaning of the celebration as with any other holiday season. Religion vs. Secular world. Some people perceive it more religiously, others celebrate a harvest.

However, the main idea is similar everywhere around the world: to be thankful for your beloved and to remind ourselves how blessed we are by a gift of life. Let me quote my favourite John Lennon: ‘Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.’

Thanksgiving Menu: Festive Dining

In some countries people enjoy more festive dining, meanwhile in other countries the celebration resembles a fasting. Either way, give your blessing thanks to your beloved and celebrate this season with me. I present you Cranberry Glazed Smoked Ham with Pumpkin Fritters and Dutch Vanilla Classic.

Should you have a need to decorate your festive dining properly? I have already selected some items for you to get started. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!