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Real Tomato Soup

I've already provided you with my scrumptious and incredibly Easy Tomato Soup Recipe. However, if there is tomato harvest, you must try the real deal - Real Tomato Soup. There is only 1... READ MORE

Marble Marmalade Bundt Cake

Let me drag your attention: a beautiful layer of a simple olive oil sponge, mixed with good quality cocoa powder, finished up with a generous layer of cranberry marmalade. Let's start: easy and... READ MORE

Royal Chicken Salad

The second I saw this salad recipe I knew I had to try it. Figure it out for yourself: a cooked chicken, the sweetness of the dried fruit, the taste of Marsala wine,... READ MORE

Pretty Vanilla Pudding Roll

Inspired by my favourite Slovak baking show - Pretty Vanilla Pudding Roll. I couldn’t please my boyfriend more. This has everything he loves: “unhealthy” butter puff pastry, vanilla pudding, beautiful spices, scrumptious roasted... READ MORE

Shiny Mirror Glaze Cake

My first Mirror Glaze Cake to celebrate my favourite day of the year - my birthday. What do you think? I am aiming for some refreshing summer dessert, a mixture of sweet and... READ MORE

Bulgarian Shopska Salad

The most typical and traditional appetizer known throughout the whole Balkan - Bulgarian Shopska Salad. This colourful eye-catching salad has its origins in Western Bulgaria. The plating has a temperament of the ancestors... READ MORE

Beautiful Sour Cherry Pie

Do you know any other beauty that is so easy and delicious? Butter crust pie, homemade marmalade, some extra sugar, chocolate or nuts, nothing else, nothing more. Perfect - Beautiful Sour Cherry Pie.... READ MORE