Latest Culinary Talks Recipes

Lovely Tuna and Basil Pasta

3 important ingredients: tomatoes, tuna and basil. The better ingredients, the better result! I have been making this pasta for quite some years and trust me, this is a winner. Moreover, it is... READ MORE

Oreo Ferdy Ant Cake

Aren’t you fed up of new chocolate cake recipes? NO. And why anyway? Today I will present you the Ferdy Ant Cake. In my family, It is almost impossible to avoid chocolate. My... READ MORE

Sweet Beer Pork Ribs

In my opinion, you can serve ribs with pretty much anything and they will be a star on a festive table. These Sweet Beer Pork Ribs are not tricky at all, just prepare... READ MORE

Refreshing Apple and Pear Tart

What about a Refreshing Apple and Pear Tart! Everyone remembers this flavour already from childhood. Luxurious taste of a fruit jelly cake, topped up with good quality quark. Trust me, you can taste... READ MORE

Easy Pear Compote

My memory of the pear compote goes to Sunday’s lunch. Pairing with roasted chicken and rice is one of the most common in the countries I come from. Pears, cherries, peaches, you name... READ MORE

Easy Student Snack

Why student? This salad brings me back to my student years, when I used to prepare it at home quite often. Of course, back then I was used to different techniques: pretty much... READ MORE

My Granny’s Sour Bean Soup

This soup resembles memories of my early childhood: My Granny’s Sour Bean Soup and scrumptious homemade donuts. A dish I have always requested during my visits. Nowadays, I call it comfort food. You... READ MORE