Latest Culinary Recipes

Spicy Salty Sticks

Spicy Salty Sticks are a great alternative to my Party Cheesy Sticks Recipe. Instead of cheese and fresh yeast dough, they are made from an easy quark dough. They are both easy to... READ MORE

Easy Cheesy Pasta

Another scrumptious American production, so called mac and cheese. Notably American president Thomas Jefferson brought pasta back to Virginia on his way from Italy. There are many disputes how this creamy dish has... READ MORE

Traditional Chimney Cake

I come from Slovakia and no matter how many countries produce this beautiful sweet treat, Traditional Chimney Cake originates in Skalica - a small town near the Czech borders in the North-West of... READ MORE

Yellow Egg Salad

This fulfilling snack reminds me of my Cottage Cheese Salad in some way. However, the taste is very fresh, springish and turmeric gives it a beautiful colour - Yellow Egg Salad. Chop, season... READ MORE