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Easy Student Snack

Juicy Ham Salad Why student? This salad brings me back to my student years, when I used to prepare it at home quite often. Of course, back then I was used to different... READ MORE

My Granny’s Sour Bean Soup

This soup resembles memories of my early childhood: My Granny’s Sour Bean Soup and scrumptious homemade donuts. A dish I have always requested during my visits. Nowadays, I call it comfort food. You... READ MORE

Silky Cheddar Dip

Do you know how to make a creamy and spicy cheesy dip? I didn't. Unfortunately until now, I did not master it at home. I was just searching for the exact same taste... READ MORE

Real Tomato Soup

I've already provided you with my scrumptious and incredibly Easy Tomato Soup Recipe. However, if there is tomato harvest, you must try the real deal - Real Tomato Soup. There is only 1... READ MORE