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Latest Culinary Recipes

Traditional Chimney Cake

I come from Slovakia and no matter how many countries produce this beautiful sweet treat, Traditional Chimney Cake from Skalica is originated and protected by the EU in Slovakia, Skalica - the small... READ MORE

Yellow Egg Salad

This fulfilling snack reminds me of my Cottage Cheese Salad in some way. However, the taste is very fresh, springish and turmeric gives it a beautiful colour - Yellow Egg Salad. Chop, season... READ MORE

Hot Beef Sandwiches

This recipe is one of my old-fashioned family recipes. Hearty Hot Beef Sandwiches served on a baked bread, layered with the garlic and topped with some matured cheese. The sauce itself tastes like... READ MORE

Chestnutty Brussels Sprouts

So winterish and delicious at the same time. My new addition to this beautiful vegetable - Chestnutty Brussels Sprouts. Bacon, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts and creamy sauce. Nothing more, nothing less. This humble and... READ MORE