Nutty Pancakes with Glazed Fruity Relish

The world’s classic with a twist – Nutty Pancakes with Glazed Fruity Relish. The tradition of the Nutty Pancakes comes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even before that in the Kingdom of Géza’s (1141–1162) the dessert was so popular that it … Continued

Dutching Curd Cake with Blueberries

In 1828, Dutch chemist named Van Houten invented a new technique of using a large hydraulic press to separate the cocoa butter from the chocolate liquor. This new process reduced the fat content of cocoa to 25% from 50 % … Continued

The Best Lasagne

This lasagne alla bolognese comes from my very favourite world chef Gordon Ramsay. Let me tell you, it is The Best Lasagne, I have ever tried. A perfect combination of a rich flavoured white sauce with a juicy meat sauce accompanied … Continued

Sausages with a caramelized onion and blue cheese dressing

This recipe is becoming a must for gathering with my brother – Sausages with a caramelized onion and blue cheese dressing. It is an easy and fancy version to the classics from Germany. Incredibly good and satisfying dish. Enjoy!Total Time: … Continued

Beef Bourguignon

Where else to start my cooking journey if not in the French cuisine, specifically in the Burgundy region. Beef Bourguignon is a humble peasant meal which has been transformed into French “haute cuisine” over the years. The origins of this … Continued