Veal Saltimbocca

Every time I get a chance to treat ourselves to some top piece of meat, it challenges me to create an authentic, fresh and luxurious taste, where the meat will be the hero. In this case I present a seasonal … Continued

Hot Cross Buns 2 ways

I present Hot Cross Buns – a world known classic, ideal for a cup of tea or coffee. Hot Cross Buns by its meaning: the cross representing crucifixion of Jesus Christ, spices resemble embalming of his body. Traditionally, the buns … Continued

Splash Easter Cake

This is a master of all the cakes – Splash Easter Cake. There wouldn’t be my Easter without it. Splash Easter Cake is the real heaven consisting of nut sponge cake and delicious sugar frosting. I used to make it … Continued

Easy Chocolate Sponge

During my years on Highschool I used to go to a coffee shop every Tuesday afternoon. Besides the large cappuccino, I always treated myself to this incredibly fulfilling slice. All wrapped in chocolate and other toppings of your preference, so … Continued

Hokkaido Spaghetti

Better and best combination, inspired by a wonderful Austrian magazine – Hokkaido Spaghetti. This combination cannot get any tastier. The sweetness of Hokkaido and stunning taste of sage, accompanied by chili and Parma Ham or bacon. Yummy and yummy. And … Continued

French culinary art

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Do you know any country more famous for its food than France? The French culinary art is undoubtedly the most honored across the world. The French cuisine has significantly influenced the cooking methods of the western cultures. It involves innovative … Continued