Sugar Buchteln

A beautiful smell of home. Buchteln, Buchty or sweet sugar rolls. Nicely risen yeast dough, served with Applemus, vanilla sauce or pears. In the countries I come from they are traditionally filled with a mixture from poppy, plum marmalade or … Continued

Satisfying Ricotta Snail

Ricotta Cheese is one of my favourite Italian products. This fresh ingredient has a quite versatile culinary use in savory, as well as in sweet dishes. The cheese makes a very comforting pizza topping, pasta filling, and brings any cake … Continued

Easy Egg and Tuna Spread

Incredibly fast and satisfying fix for any lunch or snack – Easy Egg and Tuna Spread. You can serve it with salad or veggies on the side to your liking. My personal favourites are fresh tomatoes and Iceberg Salad. Play … Continued

Nutty Strudel with Italian Gelato

At least once a year, promise to yourself to make a humble strudel dough. This dough isn’t too tricky. The only thing you need is time and warmness. This nutty strudel comes from a very satisfying and easy combination, inspired … Continued

Butternut Squash Chocolate Loaf

Pumpkin projects continue this Fall too. This time of the year, I had mood to bake something warm, welcoming and delicious – Butternut Squash Chocolate Loaf. This loaf makes a perfect breakfast or tea afternoon’s party dessert. The combination of … Continued

Apple Schmarren

A beautiful Austrian satisfying dessert, so called “a shredded pancake” – Apple Schmarren. It is originated in the 19th century from the times of Austria-Hungary, traditionally made with plums and raisins, combined in a pancake batter. This delicacy has been … Continued

Czech Sweet Festive Classic

Valašské frgále – Czech sweet festive classic, incredibly delicious and crazy satisfying! These beautiful yeast cakes are originated, accordingly to their name, in the region of Moravian Wallachia. Traditionally, they have been made during all important occasions like weddings, birthdays, … Continued