Hot Cross Buns 2 ways

I present Hot Cross Buns – a world known classic, ideal for a cup of tea or coffee. Hot Cross Buns by its meaning: the cross representing crucifixion of Jesus Christ, spices resemble embalming of his body. Traditionally, the buns … Continued

Cinnamon Babka

There are so many similar brioche kind of cakes I know in the region, especially in Eastern and Central Europe. These beautiful sweet breads include almost all the lovely baking ingredients we know: eggs, nuts, butter, chocolate, marzipan, festive spices, … Continued

My Asparagus Specials

Asparagus, green or white. Very beautiful and royal vegetable, defined as a lily family. One of the top ingredients during the spring season. I prepared very easy and fresh meals, which can be served any time of the day. Don’t … Continued

Sweet Chocolate Waffles

Waffles, waffles and more waffles. Who wouldn’t love them? I have to admit that a waffle maker is a very addictive tool. However, if you implement a couple of good recipes and treat yourself occasionally, for instance during the weekends … Continued

Bulgarian Cheese Classic

Today is the day when I give you my personal Banitsa recipe. Bulgarian Cheese Classic, eaten in any occasions. Regularly on breakfasts or more festive during the holidays. When visiting Bulgaria, you can see those small Banitsa stands in every … Continued

Christmas Pie

As I mentioned previously, in the countries I come from, we have had a long tradition of baking, especially during a season like Advent, Christmas, New Year or Easter. This year, I decided to treat my little family, as well … Continued

My Bratislava Rolls

Last year I posted my favourite Christmas Breakfast. This year I got a bit into Christmassy spirit while I was processing chestnuts. Therefore, I present a comforting tip for Christmas – My Bratislava Rolls. The dough is very similar to … Continued

Birthday Festive Brioche

The best breakfast ever, for the small ones and grown ups, too – Birthday Festive Brioche. My daughter isn’t too much into sweets. This is a great alternative. Not too sweet and very special at the same time. Traditionally, in … Continued