Colorful Russian Vinaigrette with Goat Cheese

Thanks to my fellow blogger Culinary Mosaic, I present you her wonderful and easy Vinegret Salad. I couldn’t come up with a more exact name for it than Colorful Russian Vinaigrette with Goat Cheese. The salad itself may sound a … Continued

Special Russian Salad

The world classic, known among so many countries. I present you my version – Special Russian Salad. The base is cooked potatoes, whether you know the Balkan or the South American version. My inspiration continues in countries I am personally … Continued

Christmas Full-flavoured Salmon

This is a truly very light, tender and tasty dish. Even the skin is delicious – Christmas Full-flavoured Salmon. Inspired by this entertaining post. The secret lies in good ingredients. Always, but with fish especially. Trust me, during my research … Continued

Sexy Rib Eye with Warm Potatoes

I love when my boy is cooking. He made me eat and love the meat again. I have to admit, he is still teaching me in the meat preparation. My personal mentor. I present you the best of all – … Continued

Nile Perch with Christmas Potato Salad

Nile Perch with Christmas Potato Salad is a combination of our long-term tradition and my innovation. In the countries I come from, the fasting takes place before Christmas. Traditionally, people do not eat meat on the Christmas Eve. They serve … Continued