Easy Salmon and Dill Pasta with Capers

Very easy, fresh and fulfilling Spaghetti! Leftover baked salmon, capers, wine and fresh dill in a creamy sauce will star at any gathering with friends. So fast, all is done within 25 minutes. The rule number one: the fresher the … Continued

Smoked Salmon Rolls with Avocado

Smoked Salmon Rolls are a great tip for someone, who seeks for a luxurious, smooth and healthy appetizer. These ladylike bites are great in combination with some homemade savory pastries or nachos. The acidity of lemony salmon balances the richness … Continued

Romantic Almond Trout with Cranberries

This is one of my very old but definitely impressive recipes – Romantic Almond Trout with Cranberries. You cannot get wrong here if you are a fish lover. I like to serve it with a classical Potato Mash as the … Continued

Easy Seafood Chowder

A great tip for cold winter days – Easy Seafood Chowder. Honouring my stay in San Francisco, I present you my personal favourite soup. There is everything I love: seafood, bacon, chili and winter veggies. Saffron and seafood work absolutely … Continued

Christmas Full-flavoured Salmon

This is a truly very light, tender and tasty dish. Even the skin is delicious – Christmas Full-flavoured Salmon. Inspired by this entertaining post. The secret lies in good ingredients. Always, but with fish especially. Trust me, during my research … Continued

Hungarian Stew with Zander Fish/Paprikás

I was born in Bratislava, which has a large Hungarian minority (as whole Slovakia does). Therefore, the Slovak cuisine exists partly only. Basically, it is a mix of cultures of our presence and past. The biggest influence among Bratislava regions … Continued