Crispy Seafood Snack

Honouring the greatness of cooking of my fellow friend food blogger Old Fat Guy I present you his recipe for The Coffin Shrimp. What a blast! I served it with my homemade cocktail sauce, fresh baguette and fried shrimp in … Continued

Shrimp Spring Rolls

So many ways how to prepare this Asian delicacy – Shrimp Spring Rolls. I have always loved them, but never tried to make them. It is one of those recipes you always postpone indefinitely. However, one day you tell yourself … Continued

My Asparagus Specials

Asparagus, green or white. Very beautiful and royal vegetable, defined as a lily family. One of the top ingredients during the spring season. I prepared very easy and fresh meals, which can be served any time of the day. Don’t … Continued

Easy Seafood Chowder

A great tip for cold winter days – Easy Seafood Chowder. Honouring my stay in San Francisco, I present you my personal favourite soup. There is everything I love: seafood, bacon, chili and winter veggies. Saffron and seafood work absolutely … Continued