Homie Sheep Cheese Spread

Homie Sheep Cheese Spread

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The smell of home and Christmas. To be honest, I haven’t visited the Christmas Markets in my home town for quite some years. However, I remember they used to offer huge slices of a bread layered with our traditional spreads. The symbolism of these simple meals lies in the old rural cuisine. The most common and national for that matter is a slice of bread with a thick layer of lard and chopped onion.

Perhaps, it does not sound charming, but it is stunning. I stand behind that.

This comfort food offers garlic or sheep cheese – therefore, I present you Homie Sheep Cheese Spread.
Bryndza – a sheep soft cheese, as we call it in Slovakia, is very unique and it has a strong delicate flavour. You can replace it with any kind of strong flavoured soft cheese, even goat ones. For instance, Queso fresco in Latin America or Ricotta in Italy. Important is the strong taste. It is a perfect snack or an easy lunch accompanied by a glass of dry wine.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Shopping List

125g of good quality soft cheese
2 knobs of butter, soft
2 tablespoons of crème fraîche
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika powder
1 small shallot (spring onion optional), peeled and finely chopped

Cherry tomatoes to serve with


Place all ingredients in a blender: soft cheese, butter, crème fraîche, paprika and shallot.

Mix well until very smooth and foamy texture. Taste and taste.
Place a good layer of the spread on a slice of fresh bread and serve with tomatoes and a glass of white wine.

Makes 1 medium serving bowl.

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