Beautiful Carrot Roll

Do you love carrot cakes as much as I do? I usually know them as juicy and cake like texture filled with decadently sweet cream cheese. Today, I’ve got inspired in here and modified the recipe into my perfection – … Continued

Beautiful Carrot Cupcakes

Who likes carrot? So healthy and full of Vitamin A. It gives a beautiful color to our skin and sharpens our sight. At least that’s what I have been taught. Anyway, carrots brought into the next level – Beautiful Carrot … Continued

Peppa Carrot Cake

This was my first Carrot Cake ever. I am not a big fan of mixing vegetables into sweets. However, this is a classic, and it is not necessarily bad. I decided to share the joy of my little one, right … Continued

Bulgarian Pork Casserole

Another Bulgarian meat mix with a very smooth and luxurious creamy taste – Bulgarian Pork Casserole. A great combination of vegetables, cheese and wild mushrooms brings the meat to the top. Enjoy with a cold beer or a glass of … Continued