Shiny Mirror Glaze Cake

My first Mirror Glaze Cake to celebrate my favourite day of the year – my birthday. What do you think? I am aiming for some refreshing summer dessert, a mixture of sweet and sour with all the ingredients I love: … Continued

Czech Beef Roast with Smooth Veggie Sauce

One of the best meals the Czech cuisine has to offer. You can try it anywhere in the world, however, the real taste is found in the local restaurants and pubs only – Czech Beef Roast with Smooth Veggie Sauce. … Continued

Luxurious Ferrero Rocher Cake

Luxurious Ferrero Rocher Cake – this is totally a stunning treat for any kind of festive event or a sweet tongue. This scrumptious recipe comes from the talented Chef Chetna Makan. Get inspired and bake with me! I prepared this … Continued

Peppa Carrot Cake

This was my first Carrot Cake ever. I am not a big fan of mixing vegetables into sweets. However, this is a classic, and it is not necessarily bad. I decided to share the joy of my little one, right … Continued

Celebration Cake

This cake has been inspired by a famous Hungarian dessert called Somlói galuska. Traditionally, it consists of a sponge cake, raisins and nuts. All ingredients are soaked in rum, covered with chocolate and whipped cream. I have mood for it … Continued