Butternut Squash Chocolate Loaf

Pumpkin projects continue this Fall too. This time of the year, I had mood to bake something warm, welcoming and delicious – Butternut Squash Chocolate Loaf. This loaf makes a perfect breakfast or tea afternoon’s party dessert. The combination of … Continued

Sweet Chocolate Waffles

Waffles, waffles and more waffles. Who wouldn’t love them? I have to admit that a waffle maker is a very addictive tool. However, if you implement a couple of good recipes and treat yourself occasionally, for instance during the weekends … Continued

Christmas Raw Roll

Another luxurious dessert, memories of Prague. Many thanks go to my very good friend Zuzka – Christmas Raw Roll. A beautiful cocoa pastry base filled with lemony cream, wrapped in coconut. This one always disappears pretty fast, but just in … Continued

My Lovely Gingerbread

My Lovely Gingerbread is indeed very lovely and unusual from the typical one. It does not consist of honey and it does not get tough. Therefore, it can be eaten right after you make or decorate it. The real smell … Continued

Dutching Curd Cake with Blueberries

In 1828, Dutch chemist named Van Houten invented a new technique of using a large hydraulic press to separate the cocoa butter from the chocolate liquor. This new process reduced the fat content of cocoa to 25% from 50 % … Continued