Milky Young Bean Soup

A nice, fulfilling and easy going lunch or dinner – that is my favourite Milky Young Bean Soup. Ideal for the time of the year, when people do some detox and spiritual cleansing before the festive Easter holidays. Serve with … Continued

Delicious Hungarian Fried Bread

My Delicious Hungarian Fried Bread truly belongs to my TOP fast food, even it is meatless. There is no festive occasion in countries I come from (former Austria-Hungary Empire), where “Lángos” isn’t been served. In Slovakia, it is traditionally doused … Continued

Wild Garlic

A beautiful fresh, spicy and sexy ingredient – Wild Garlic, Ramsons, Wood Garlic or Bear’s Garlic. Garlic is one of my top ingredients culinary wise. Wild garlic resembles freshness, beginning of spring and new vibrant challenges in the kitchen. Wild … Continued

Easy Chicken Casserole

Incredibly easy week dinner! Marinate the wings, drumsticks or breasts up front and you always have the success guaranteed – Easy Chicken Casserole.Everyone likes this beautiful simplicity, adults or kids. Get inspired with my favourite marinade.Total Time: 55 minutes + … Continued

Easy Veggie Spaghetti

Easy Veggie Spaghetti is another fast week dinner recipe, even just for yourself. The combination of tomatoes, lemon grass, spinach and feta brings spaghetti to a completely different level. Enjoy Easy Veggie Spaghetti with a glass of white wine! Total … Continued