Bulgarian Shopska Salad

The most typical and traditional appetizer known throughout the whole Balkan – Bulgarian Shopska Salad. This colourful eye-catching salad has its origins in Western Bulgaria. The plating has a temperament of the ancestors of this region. The white cheese symbolises … Continued

Dutch Festive Oliebollen and Appelflappen

Hello New Year! The major part of the Dutch food, excluding the wonderful cuisines of minorities living in the Netherlands, is fast food. All the forms of this little greatness, from fish and egg to meat specials. They serve them … Continued

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes

What kids love the most? I would go for chocolate, banana fruits and cupcakes. Of course, there are more than enough flavours to satisfy a sweet tongue of your beloved. Therefore, you can substitute the fruits with whatever you are … Continued

Pickled Camembert

My sincere memories of Prague. You can find this dish easily in most of the bars across Czech Republic. Traditional, humble and an easy beer snack – Pickled Camembert. You can play with the taste accordingly to your desirable ingredients. … Continued