Romantic Almond Trout with Cranberries

This is one of my very old but definitely impressive recipes – Romantic Almond Trout with Cranberries. You cannot get wrong here if you are a fish lover. I like to serve it with a classical Potato Mash as the … Continued

Blueberry Dumplings with Cinnamon Butter

Smell of my childhood and my new home Austria, too. Dumplings are basically made everywhere world-wide. They can be savoury or sweet. They can be made of flour or potatoes. There are several techniques how to prepare them. What I … Continued

Yummy Burger Meals

Burger, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, thousands of variations. Let’s start a new chapter dedicated to this world delicacy. Ideal for any easy meal, party or weekend breakfast. Burger Sandwich and Fresh Burger Dinner – 2 easy burger meals ready in 20 minutes. … Continued

Classic Sponge Cake

I decided to please my boy today, so I am going for a very Classic Sponge Cake. Dutch style, just the way he likes it. Simple, fluffy and delicious. I used my special “Torus” round form, which is typical in … Continued