Fudgy Coffee Cake Slice

In this very recipe I wanted to connect 2 of the things my boyfriend likes so much – coffee and caramel. Easy Coffee Cake Sponge has been inspired by my favourite Australian Chef Donna Hay, topped up with a scrumptious … Continued

Olive Oil Pear Slice with Cranberries

Olive Oil Pear Slice with Cranberries – I have almost lost this recipe. I remember that it always works out and it is truly delicious. Impressive for any gathering with friends or family reunions. Even though, my granny said it … Continued

Splash Easter Cake

This is a master of all the cakes – Splash Easter Cake. There wouldn’t be my Easter without it. Splash Easter Cake is the real heaven consisting of nut sponge cake and delicious sugar frosting. I used to make it … Continued